Thank you for visiting our site.  As you can see, it is a work in progress! I will be posting up shop with all the herbs as soon as I can.

I am busy with so many people wanting to do live blood analysis and see their cells swimming around.  It is truly a very neat experience and a great tool to see a “picture” of your health, as the life is truly in the blood. When your blood is cleaned up, your health is cleaned up.  Let’s work on it!

Meanwhile, keep working on getting more fresh fruits and veggies down the hatch and get out and get fresh air and exercise and whatever sunshine you can.  You will feel so much better!

Have a great one!  Check back often!

Nancy Clayburn



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    I am very interested in the work you do. I got your name from Helena Jones.

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      Hi Lisa,
      How can I help you with what I do? I would love to meet you!

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