Smothered Fruit Bowl

This morning I did not have any greens for my usual Green Smoothie.  I decided I would cut up some fruit into a bowl for a change.  As I was cutting up the fruit, I was wondering what I was going to put on top of my fruit as I did not want to do nutmilk.  Then I had a sheer moment of  creativity!  This is what I did, and it was a hit!  I will be doing more of this!


1.  Cut up fruit into individual bowls.  I cut up 2 bananas per bowl and 2 apples per bowl.  I also cut up a couple dates each.

2.  Then I put a couple of bananas into a blender.  To this I added a handful of dates, 3 T. of raw cashews, rinsed, 3-4 T. of chia seeds, and frozen fruit.  I used blueberries and peaches that I had frozen from my orchard.  Blend on high until very creamy.

3.  Pour the blender mixture over the fruit and smother it!  Sprinkle dried coconut over the top.

4. Eat, enjoy, and SHARE THIS!!! Thanks!

Create this lively breakfast fast and simple! Yum!
Create this lively breakfast fast and simple!

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