Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Yes…Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful! I am truly thankful for so many things!  I think when we quit being thankful, our joy in life descends to a low level.  We can be thankful in our minds, or better yet, on paper.  There is something about writing our thoughts down on paper or on the computer that make them very real.  It is if our words become life and have more meaning.  Really truly.  Even just typing this, things come out that never would in real speech or just in my mind alone!

I am thankful for a dear and wonderful supporting husband.  I am thankful for my son and the fact that he has autism and seizure for the past 28 years.  He has taught me a LOT about life and its meaning!  I wish he were all the way better, we work on that daily.  As I learn and grow in my health studies, we implement it and he does better.  I know that somewhere, we will find the key for him.  I am thankful for my daughter and the man she married and my 3 grandkids, one on the way besides!  I am blessed to be a Nana!  I am glad I only live an hour away.  I used to live 9 hours away.  I am thankful for country living and knowledge of gardening.  Another thing I have to learn yearly.  It gets better and better.  Soil health is akin to bodily health and vice versa.  We learn one to the other.

Yes, we need a healthy terrain in our bodies.  We need a healthy blood terrain.  How do we get this?  From healthy foods.  Where do they come from?  Healthy gardens.  I would implore you to learn about gardening and how to build your soil.  It is imperative to health.  Meanwhile, at least sprout!  Grow Microgreens!  Get the proper equipment and do that for yourself this year!

Back to Thanksgiving.  I wish that we would not look at every gathering as an opportunity to be a glutton of unhealthful eating.  We have so many excuses to eat unwisely.  Then we pat ourselves on the back and say we only eat “this way” on “special occasions.”  However, these “special occasions” seem to be more and more frequent.  Think about it.  If you would mark down on a calendar how often you allowed yourself to eat unhealthfully, you would find your calendar to be full.  I know, I used to think this way.  It took a lot of strength and prayer to overcome this habit and to see what I was really doing.  I had to face reality, then move away from that reality to a new one.

We need to be truly thankful for the bodies we have been given to care for.  We  only have one.  Yes, one!  The way we take care of the one we have will determine how well we navigate through life.  I am saddened when I see people end up with diseases, sicknesses, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, alzheimers, aneurisms, cancers, and the other 10,000 plus diseases listed in the books.  I am saddened that our children are on an unknown amount of drugs these days and that most people take a handful of drugs for their ailments on a daily basis…just to get by.

This does not have to be.  I am so thankful for the knowledge to be healthy and happy and energetic!  The keys to our health and to avoid the above are in your very hands.  It is in your mind.  It is by your own choice and determination.  God is there to help you and to lead you to a better way of living!  Choose to eat simpler, food from the garden, exercise, sunshine, fresh air, rest, trust in God and pure water! Health is simple, it is not hard.  We make it hard.  Cut through the chase.  The choice is yours.  As hard as it seems and the changes you will have to make, may seem hard and drastic, but step by step move toward a better life.  Who wants to be sick?  Who wants to face old age in a wheel chair or a nursing home?  I don’t!

Be thankful for life, take care of your life and don’t let Holidays distract you.  Stand firm.  Bring some healthy food along.  Don’t ever, ever tall yourself that “it is OK, just this once.  I can handle it.  Everyone else is eating this high fat food, guess I will too so I don’t look odd.”  When you tell yourself that, this is when indulgence begins.  You must tell yourself ahead of time, ” I will not partake of anything unhealthful and fatty.  I want to feel great after eating, not awful.  I don’t want to get sick or be one of the heart attack victims that occur at a higher rate during this time of the year.  I choose to remain faithful and keep my children healthy and to set a good example.”

I see blood samples of people frequently with Live Blood Analysis.  I can see where people are headed.  I can see where young people without symptoms…yet, are headed.  I cringe.  On the outside, we can look fine, like everyone else, but on the inside, insidious things are happening, waiting to show forth their ugliness.  Don’t let these things surprise you later in life as toxins accumulate.  Disease is nothing more than accumulated toxins and nutritional deficiencies.  Toxins accumulate and come out as something worse later on in life, or, if not so fortunate, sooner than later.  It is up to us.

I am thankful that you are reading this blogpost.  That means that you are interested in having better quality health.  Stay on and keep reading.  I hope you will find your way to stay strong.  Read something about health everyday.  Keep yourself motivated.

Until Next Time,

Keep speaking the truth to yourself!

Nancy Lynne

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