How to Make a Basic Green Smoothie

How to make a basic Green Smoothie

Green Smoothies are so versatile! It is a mix and match wonder!
For now, I will just give a little instruction rather than a specific recipe.
It is really weird thinking about trying this if you never have taken the step yet, but, I can assure you, I have been in that position. I took the plunge one morning and am hooked on it for every morning! It is filling, satisfying, and keeps me full much longer than anything else I have done. So, follow these simple instructions and do not think too much into it. Really!

Take some frozen blueberries out of your freezer and place them in a blender. I highly recommend the Vita-Mix as it is a workhorse of a machine. If you can’t get one, I then recommend a Personal Blender. Both are on this website. The personal blender is also a fantastic element for single servings!
Next, I would put in a Granny Smith Apple, or whatever kind of apple. The Granny Smith would be lower on the glycemic index along with blueberries or raspberries. You may like grapes, pineapple, mango or other fruit. Sweeter. Dates are also nice. So is carob powder, honey, maple syrup. Just depends on your needs for sweet, but the idea is to get away from too much sweets.

Then I would throw in something like flaxseeds and soaked overnight almonds. Also, pumpkin seeds are a great addition. They are high in zinc. I really like to eat my vitamins. Blending them makes them so available to your cells.

Now, add some liquid. I really like not from concentrate, or fresh squeezed OJ. I also like some Premium Thai Coconut milk. I also like a few ice cubes and distilled water. You can add all 3. I also really, really like coconut water the best!

Next you will take your washed greens, which can be Kale, Collards (my favorite), spinach, swiss chard. Use small amounts of added mustard or turnip greens. These give a kick of heat. The collard greens and kale are absolutely loaded with nutrients! Take them off the stem. You do not want to put in those hard stems. You can juice those if you want.

Place in blender and blend it all in. On the Vita Mix, use the tamper.
You want to place a good handful or 2 of greens.

Pour in a jar, glass, or whatever, use a straw or a spoon and be surprised! You do not taste the greens!

Email me and let me know how it went or if you have questions!

Start blending! Make sure you have enough liquid, but not too much. I like my smoothies like a pudding. Get it right for you.

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