Rawpple Pie!

Rawpple Pie – Try this with the ice cream recipe above!

5 medjool dates (best, but use deglet noor if that is all you have)
2 cups of walnuts that have been soaked several hours or over night.
Rinse off the water and drain good.
Place in food processor and process till “gooey”. It will stick together when you press it.
Now, take it all and dump it into a pie pan. Press it out to fill in the sides like you would a crust.

Filling part 1:
2 apples, 1/2 lemon, juiced, process together in processor until chunky, or, you can get a Robot Coupe and dice them. Nice way to go!
Place this in the crust.

Filling part 2:
2 apples
1 cup of currants or raisins
1/2 of lemon, juiced
1 banana, good and ripe
2 t. cinnamon
Process these to a mush, place on top of filling 1. You can then sprinkle currents on top and lemon zest. You can eat at this point, or let flavors meld together for awhile.
It is such a treat!
I happened to use Macintosh apples that were soft. That made it seem like the apples were more cooked. If your apples are firmer, letting the pie sit for awhile softens it.

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