Health Coaching with Nancy

Health Coaching with Nancy

Health Coaching is growing.  More and more and more people like you are finding out that getting the health you desire does not just fall out of the sky.  After years and sometimes even more years of creating habits that are not so good for you, it can be very difficult to move forward and make the changes all on your own.  Perhaps the food choices you have made have weakened your willpower even more. You are just too tired and foggy-brained to figure it out all on your own.  You desparately need help, and you certainly don’t want to deal with family members, or ruin friendships over it.  Health Coaching via a third party is the very best way to go!

Overeating and eating unhealthy foods may give you highs and then turn you and drop you low.  It is a difficult cycle to break out of. There are all kinds of diets on the market, however, almost all fail. Surgical procedures poorly attempt to fill the void of failed dieters. Food addiction is physical, but its painful bond can be overcome with knowledge and guidance. Toxic hunger is a real event and needs to be addressed as to how to recognize and overcome it. A Nutritional Education Trainer will help you understand all of this, and help carry you through to the other side!  That is good news!

“Smokers, cocaine users and food addicts

all have a collection of excuses why they

should maintain their addiction. In spite of

the denial and confusion, food addiction

destroys lives just like drug addiction.

Humans refuse logic and science and

instead let addictions and feelings dictate

their self-destructive actions.”

—Joel Fuhrman M.D.

Why do I need a health coach?

  • Your clothes are busting buttons, zippers and seams, and you have been through multiple sizes after growing up.
  • you are a truck driver, and you want to keep your job as certain lifestyle diseases will make it mandatory that you be fired if you have them
  • you are a health proffessional and you want to be an example
  • you are an athlete and you don’t want to die young because of a high protein diet and its inevitable results and you want more endurance
  • you are in the reserves and you are having a hard time keeping fit to remain in
  • you are a model and do not want to resort to anorexia or bulemia to be thin enough
  • you are sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • you are bedridden or in a wheelchair and desire to be fit and feel well
  • you have a sedentary job and need a clear mind
  • you are having too many sick days
  • you are a raising children and want to prevent disease in your childrens lives
  • you are exhausted, have pain, headaches, migraines and no motivation
  • you have tried and tried all kinds of diet plans and have failed them all
  • your digestion and elimination are the pits
  • you want to look and feel younger
  • you want to have a better emotional outlook on life
  • you want to live longer and be more productive and creative
  • you want to save money on health care and prescription drugs
  • you want to live without medical interference and hospitalizations
  • you want to avoid surgery
  • you want to reduce your dependency on medication
  • you want to recover from a chronic illness, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, headaches, or high cholesterol and more
  • you want to protect yourself from developing a dangerous disease
  • you want to prevent the deterioration in health, physical, and mental abilities that are typically considered a normal part of aging.
  • you desire better sexual enjoyment
  • you are finding all you think about is food and you are so addicted to food
  • you are too young to be aging so rapidly
  • your joints ache
  • your brain is foggy and you think you are getting alzheimers
  • your gut hurts when you eat
  • you are constipated
  • your skin and hair are dull
  • etc., etc., etc.

Did I miss anything??  Just take a look at all the things you can prevent if you only new how to eat properly and  in a way where you would get all the nutrition you need without starving and feeling deprived. I bet you had no idea that this is all the result of choices! You certainly got where you are all by yourself.  If things were going to change, it would have happened by now.  the longer you put off help, the more likely you will keep needing larger and larger clothing, more and more pills, and hopefully not die of a heart attack or cancer or diabetes or other such horrible diseases we are accustomed to these days.  Food has very deep emotional bonds.  We “use” food to comfort ourselves, to reward ourselves, for parties, for gifts, because the magazines made it look so irresistable!  Junk food is “pretty,” it is addicting–and on purpose!  It appears cheaper, but oh, so deadly and costly–hidden costs to our very lives!  Let’s work together to break those mental bonds with new ideas.  It has been proven to take 21 days to change a habit.  Our brains are incredible!  We CAN do it—it is so POSSIBLE!  The tools to pull you out of this entanglement with food is all there, pre-programmed in our body by a loving Creator.  However, we have an enemy that is very apparent when your eyes are open to it, that is out to destroy this God given mechanism and he is doing a darn good job of it!  I am so angry about that and deeply saddened by what has happened to FIT AMERICA!  We used to be proud of our Fit men and Trim woman.  We had P.E. in our schools to keep us that way.  We have bought into lies.  Lies that McDonalds of all places will keep us healthy, lies that exercise will hurt our children.  Look at where it has gotten us.  Health care will never fix us as universal health care is designed.  It is about time we took the Golden calf idol of self destruction, grind it up and spit it out.  The tide HAS to turn!  Let it begin NOW with you and me working together with God as our strength.  I make no apologies about it, I am not ashamed, I admit the truth–”I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!”  Phillipians 4:8.  He is our Creator, He knows our great need and he has placed us here to help each other.  I have a burden to restore people back to where they were stolen from through a sound, scientific, no nonsense approach that will not starve you or make you feel deprived!

What can you expect from me?

  • First of all, you will get a Live Blood Analysis test if you are local to see how your blood looks and what supplements and diet can help you the most.
  • You will receive my full, undivided attention.  Realize that I am always on the search for the best information out there concerning your needs.
  • we will begin right where you are at.  A full assessment will be taken and put into consideration
  • We will move forward as quickly as you grasp and implement changes or as slowly and step by step as you need
  • I am patient and encouraging and understanding.  Having raised a child with autism and seizures for 26 years, you have to learn a lot of that!
  • I will research your areas of concerns and get you the best scientific information
  • Encouragement, ideas, motivation, hand holding, recipes, phone calls, emails
  • I am committed to seeing you get where you want to be!  I don’t want to leave anyone hanging out there wondering what to do.  As long as you want to move forward, we will.  Of course, I can only do so much and the effort lies with you!
  • I am NOT a doctor, I do not prescribe or diagnose

What will I get out of this?

  • Initial assessment
  • grocery lists, recipes
  • weekly phone calls for 30 minutes
  • 2-10minute calls a week from you with your questions
  • unlimited emailing
  • lots of ideas on how to make food prep simpler
  • where to find food at best prices
  • the best supplements for  you and what you need so you don’t have to buy a storeful of pills!
  • 4 phases of implementation
  • the simplest, best exercise routines that take a few minutes of time
  • all my health experience of 30+ years
  • Eight laws of health and how to incorporate these into your daily life
  • a total, uplifting, vibrant, exciting change to your life
  • I will come and clean out your cupboards and fridge for you and go over labels so you know why I am getting rid of products.  Sometimes it is very difficult for clients to get on track because they want to finish up all the bad food first, as they are still bringing in more because they do not know what to buy and not buy yet, and they never get on track.  This is at an extra cost.
  • You will learn how to be a Nutritarian
  • This program will do more for you than you will ever know because of the incredible wealth of knowledge you will gain on how to live permanantly and healthy.  You will have all the tools and knowledge to know “junk science diets” when they are presented.  There are so many false diets and books out there that are worth nothing.  This system of eating is based on more than 20,000 scientific studies and growing! A lot of true knowledge is hidden because it does not make a profit for large food industries.


3 month package:

  • Initial assessment of where you are at with specific recommendations.
  • 2 textbooks, includes recipes
  • 1 Fitbit to monitor your exercise
  • 1 health journal (imperative)
  • week 1-3 a 1 hour consult over phone and 2 ten minutes calls from you per week
  • unlimited emailing
  • weeks 4-12  1/2 hour weekly consults and unlimited emails
  • informational emails sent to you from me to help you
  • motivations and extras

$1170 for the first 3 months.  $450 for the first month includes manuals, journal, fitbit and consultations

$240 per month thereafter with same format as above.


$60 per hour for phone consultations if you just want to tweak your diet and not sure how to go about that, you just want professional advice.

$45 for 1/2 hour

$30 for 15 minutes

If you want me to come to your home and clean out your cupboard and refrigerator, there will be a fee of $200. We can also do this over the internet via Skype  This covers my time and the education you get because I will go over the ingredients and why they are bad.  This alone will prove invaluable to many people as it is the very hardest thing for them to do in order to get started properly.  The whole family needs this one, especially do I want to do this for the children’s sake!  You are setting them up for future cancer and bad diseases by keeping things around.  I will come and be the “bad guy” who will be their “hero” in the end! It is a real family education time.  I can even do this via Skype for those far away.  Really, it works if you cooperate.  It is a fun time!  Believe it or not!

If you want me to come to your home and cook and show food prep for a day, that would cost $300.  This is personal time with just you and whoever you want to invite to help pay for it.  It can be friends and or family.  The kitchen will smell great and you will have food made up for several days to get you started and on your way!  You will get a grocery list ahead of time.  You will do the shopping and pay for the food.

If I can help in any other way, let me know.  Otherwise, I will be having free lecture series here and there with a cost of $45 to stay after and watch food prep.

I am here to help whoever wants help in whatever way I can possibly help you.  If you have questions and want to talk to me to get to know me first, by all means, give me a phone call. I am very flexible to help you in any way I can.


Compare this to the cost of:

  • surgery
  • cost of cancer
  • cost of larger clothes sizes
  • early death
  • intangible loss of quality of life
  • “special” diets that cost a fortune
  • out of pocket medication costs
  • higher dental bills
  • putting kids on anti depressants and Ritalin because they can’t calm down.  Did you know that diet really truly affects people, kids especially?  The Pharms want to put every child on an anti depressant, that is the newest protocal.  This makes me soooo upset!  Proper food can make your home life much more pleasant, you will be happier, also!  Amazing!  Food affects mood!

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